Ensure business continuity by insuring ALL KEY people in your Organisation

Up to 50% Cash Back every 5 years

Your Company / Organisation should have a solid Business Continuity Plan

Do you have KEY employees whose input to your organization is invaluable? Are you aware that their untimely death or departure can affect business performance? If YES, then your Organisation needs to take out the CBZ Keyman Insurance Plan which covers FINANCIAL GAPS caused by the passing on of Key Employees, Key Directors or Key Shareholders.

CBZ Keyman Insurance Plan

As organizations, we value the key skills that we have. We employ experts in different fields whose departure or death can affect business continuity. The CBZ Keyman Protection Plan allows organisations to insure their key personnel for business continuity purposes. ….and if the insured personnel live longer, the organizations will be rewarded after every 5 years:

CBZ Keyman Protection Plan benefits to the organization:

  • Pays out lump sum cash ranging from US$10 000 to US$200 000 upon the death of insured Keyman (Employee, Partner, Director)
  • Pays out a Life Celebration Bonus after every 5 years – up to 50% refund of contributions given back as a way of celebrating survival of the Employee, Keyman, Partner or Director.
  • Can be used as collateral for company loans
  • Insurance proceeds can be used to pay off company loans, buy out deceased Partner’s shareholding, recruit and train replacements, etc

Organisations have the flexibility to use insurance claims proceeds to meet different financial needs including but not limited to:

  • Buy-out shareholding which was held by the late Keyman
  • Pay recruitment costs to replace Keyman
  • Pay for hiring expenses to cover skills gap left by late Keyman
  • Train replacements for the late Keyman
  • Pay outstanding debts, mortgages
  • Pay outstanding loans

Whilst the Keyman is ALIVE, organizations can use CASH BACK as they please e.g.

  • Taking your Keyman and family for a holiday
  • Pay for business expenses / working capital
  • Invest / Buy assets or plough back to your Policy to pay low premiums or increase cover




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