Get an Income Protection Plan that rewards you whilst you are alive

Up to 50% Cash Back every 5 years

You and your family or dependents deserve the best

Do you generate MONTHLY INCOME from formal employment or informal employment? Do you want your family or dependants to continue getting that MONTHLY INCOME for up to 20 years after you are gone. If YES, the CBZ Income Protection Plan is the right product for you.

Income Protection Plan

We work so hard for our families. Every month we bring home some income. However, death, an undesirable element of life is inevitable. The CBZ Income Protection Plan ensures that your family and loved ones continue receiving that income whilst you are gone. We at CBZ do not want you to go early, thus we celebrate your life by giving you 50% cash back after every 5 years:

Package Features

  • Pays out monthly income to the chosen beneficiary for up to 20 years after the death of the Life Assured.
  • Families or beneficiaries continue to receive monthly income for periods of 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, 15 years or 20 years.
  • Pays out a Life Celebration Bonus after every 5 years – up to 50% refund of contributions given back as a way of celebrating your life.
  • FREE funeral cover of US$500 for immediate family members (Member, Spouse and up to 4 biological children under the age of 21 years)
  • Younger people pay lower premiums….join early to lock in low premiums.
  • You pay premiums up to age 65 and remain covered for the rest of your life.

Your loved beneficiary has the flexibility to use insurance claims proceeds to meet different financial needs including but not limited to:

  • Living expenses to maintain same quality of life e.g. Food, Rentals, School /College fees
  • Pay Estate Administration costs
  • Pay outstanding debts, mortgages
  • Pay outstanding Taxes and Estate Duty
  • Buy assets

Whilst you are ALIVE you can use your CASH BACK as you please e.g.

  • Taking your family for a holiday
  • Pay for living expenses
  • Buy assets
  • Plough back to your Policy to pay low premiums or increase cover




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