The loss of a loved one is never easy and can become even more difficult if those left behind experience financial strain as a result of this loss.

Our Group Life Assurance Benefit pays a cash lump sum to a member’s loved ones if they pass away.

How does the Group Life Assurance Benefit work?

  • Benefits are expressed as a multiple of a member’s salary (for salary-based plans) or as a fixed dollar amount.
  • The product is offered as a self-standing arrangement or as part of a pension fund set up.
  • The employer will pay a premium for the provision of this benefit, which premium will be expressed as a percentage of the monthly salary bill or a rate per one thousand dollars cover. Employers are however free to choose the multiple that best suits their employees’ needs and this shall determine the cost of the benefit.

What is a Spouse’s Cover?

Our Spouse’s Cover is available in addition to the standard Group Life Assurance Benefit. This benefit pays a lump sum to the member if his or her spouse passes away.

The spouse is the named person to whom the principal member is legally married and includes:

  • A customary union according to the Customary Marriages Act.
  • A life partner in a relationship, which CBZ Life considers akin to a marriage.
  • The specific spouse nominated by a member (where polygamy is practiced).




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