Frequently Asked Questions - All FAQs

Your policy will have matured and you no longer pay premiums. You will be waiting to benefit if any of your covered dependents passes on.
Cover continues; note that the max age limit of 75 years is only considered at the entry point. They will be still covered.
Everyone will eventually die even young people are dying; no one knows the date & time. We are not saying they are dying soon. That is how the product was designed.
It is quite unfortunate, claim requirements remain the same. It is a law in Zimbabwe that every death should be registered with the Registry Office. We advise clients to continue with burial then later on they can come with the death certificate for the funds.
Bonuses are only declared at year end. They will depend on how the funds have performed at the money market. You cannot tell in future the actual percentage of the bonus to be declared.
The SFB will be converted into a Funeral Cash Plan policy covering the Principal Member.
Yes someone can claim as long as you have granted him/her authority. This can be done through an affidavit.
Yes you can be covered with many members as long as the total sum assured is not exceeding $5 000.00. If the dependent's age is above 65 years at entry then the total sum assured is not exceeding $2 000.00.
We need a second part to confirm death.
If they are Zimbabweans and they are to be buried in Zimbabwe, yes we do cover them.
Abridged Death Certificate together with the papers that are processed upon entry into Zimbabwe by the Registry’s office and Copy of Passport of the deceased.
Yes it is possible. You can pay through Eco-cash, Ordinary deposits into our Funeral Account (01122939170022) company Stop Orders or through the Salaries Services Bureau (SSB)
No it is impossible; you are even not allowed to cover other dependents on a higher cover than yours.
Your policy certificate is an important document which should be kept safe at all times as it forms the basis of the contract. However if you lost it, you may visit your nearest CBZ-Bank branch and get another one.
Yes you can visit any CBZ-Branch in the event of a claim.
You need to complete an application form and a Stop Order Authorization Form for Group clients only. There is no any other document that we require. You should be able to supply all the information on the application form i.e the date of births.
If all documents are submitted it takes 2 hrs. However in some few complicated instances we might take more than 2 hours.
Yes we do, for every funeral claim we are paying a condolence visit.
No, we do not cover a person who is not registered with the Registry’s Office.